Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are what summertime is all about. Have some fun in the sun with your little ones this year, or embrace the fact that you’re a child at heart and get those outdoor games going! Whether you’re staying home or heading to the cottage, it’s time ramp up that playful, competitive spirit and get outside with summer activities for kids and adults all season long. Here are some fun ways to get started!

Outdoor activities for kids

Water sports

You don’t need an inground pool to play in the water! But if you do, or are heading to the beach, be sure to bring some pool floats with you! Brands like Incredible Novelties, Big Mouth and Sunnylife make floaties in all sizes and shapes, including swans, unicorns, avocados, sloths and pineapples.

No pool? No problem! BigMouth’s adorable blow-up kiddie pools (there’s one shaped like a sprinkle doughnut!) are sure to delight kids and adults alike. (Best of all, a kiddie pool can double as a giant drink cooler if you fill it with ice.) A sprinkler is another way to stay cool during the warmest months of the year—and really, running through a sprinkler on a hot summer day is an outdoor activity anyone can get behind! BigMouth and Melissa & Doug make animal and garden-shaped sprinklers that are sure to be a hit! Better yet, create a DIY water park and fill your backyard with a slew of outdoor activities for kids, kind of like a DIY water park with a sprinkler, bubbles, a slip-n-slide, sidewalk chalk and a kiddie pool. They’ll have fun running between all the stations—and you might just want to join in too!

Land Sports

For children who prefer land to sea, there are plenty of outdoor activities and outdoor games to have fun with! Pick up some sports toys and kick around a soccer, organize a game of low-key backyard volleyball, or play catch with B. Toys’ Velcro ball catcher. If your kids are old enough, plan an adventure around your neighbourhood on scooters —little ones might have fun being pulled on in a wagon. The options are limited only by your imagination!

Outdoor Games for Adults

You’re never too old for outdoor activities! If you’re feeling nostalgic, try some retro outdoor games, like hopscotch or jump rope—those skipping games will come flooding back in no time. Or, organize a game of road hockey! You and your friends will get such a kick out of screaming, “car!” anytime a vehicle drives by

Lawn games make for wonderful outdoor activities that just don’t get enough love! For your next barbecue or summer soiree, set up a bunch of outdoor games in your yard and watch your guests let loose! Try a mixture of lawn darts, giant checkers, beanbag toss, bocce ball and badminton. Have your friends and family members pair up and challenge each other—and consider getting a few prizes (like mugs or candlescandles) for the winners to up the stakes! So what are you waiting for? Make the most of this short and sweet season with outdoor games and activities the whole family will enjoy!