Positive Thinking

There’s no better time to subscribe to the practice of positive thinking, positive affirmations, and a positive attitude than just before the new year, or as the new year begins.

Positive affirmations are little things we can say and repeat each day that promote positive thinking and a positive attitude with the goal of boosting energy and activity, achieving goals, and self-empowerment. Through positive words, and positive self-talk you can ward off negative energy or doubts that can creep into your thoughts and disrupt your moment or goals for the day, month, or year, so you can maintain a positive outlook. You can build positive affirmations through quotes, sayings, or mantras, and try on different ones to find a favourite that fuels you and feels right.

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Positive thinking may be intangible, but it has real benefits, and can help lower your levels of psychological distress, provide you with strong coping skills when things might not be going your way, and promote better psychological and physical well-being.

Not sure where to start? Why not repeat a favourite song lyric you love to get you pumped up and feeling good, or take a look at one of our expression mugs or pillows for a saying or quote that speaks to you!