Shop your Vision Board

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a central place for you to arrange favourite things, inspirational ideas, thoughts, materials, and images that may pique your interest, foster creative and positive thought, and coincide with goals you’ve set out for yourself. It is both inspirational and aspirational and should showcase any and all things that inspire you, or you’re setting out to achieve. A vision board isn’t static. It should be considered a working document or art board. Always changing as your tastes and mood changes, and as you achieve your goals and set new ones. Vision boards can be for specific projects like a home renovation or redecoration, or more general for life goals and long-term plans. Whatever strikes you; add it to your vision board.

Vision Boards are an easy way to organize your aspirational thoughts and dreams for your life. They can be incredibly great tools for visualizing your favourite looks and designs. Now, you can shop those same great looks and bring your vision board to life. We have pulled together our favourite and most trendy design styles for you to shop. Or use our wish list tool and pull together your own favourite looks. Create a cozy reading nook with a mid-century chair and throw or set a beautiful spread for guests with our marble boards and cheese knives. Read about what inspires people like Joanna Gaines and other great contemporary designers. Whatever you choose, shopping your vision board has never been easier.