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How to Celebrate Easter 2022

Easter in Canada is on April 17, 2022, so get ready for the big day with Easter gifts for kids by filling your little peeps’ baskets with Indigo’s top trending toys, adorable plush, holiday-themed books, and of course, chocolate. No matter how you’re celebrating this year, you’re sure to make Easter 2022 special for your bunnies.

Easter ideas for toddlers and babies

Whether you’re celebrating baby’s first Easter or are making this springtime holiday memorable for a toddler, there are so many ways to share this special time of year with your little one. Surprise them with an adorable new plush—like a JellyCat Blossom or Bashful bunny, or Flora, Gund’s interactive plush bunny that plays peek-a-boo and sings “Do Your Ears Hang Low.” Fill their Easter basket with books to teach them about the Easter story and the Easter bunny—or read great picks such as Baby Loves Easter by R.I. Redd, Bounce! Bounce! Bunny by D.K., or Alphaprints: Easter 123 from Priddybooks before the big day.

Easter ideas for pre-schoolers

For kids between the ages of three and five, they can really start to learn and enjoy the Easter holiday, through books, Easter crafts for kids, decorating, and of course, the classic Easter egg hunt. With their very own plush JellyCat Easter bunny in hand, read interactive books together—like Peppa Pig’s Easter Surprise and Happy Easter, Curious George, or a timeless classic such as The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams Bianco. If you’re looking for Easter basket ideas, fill yours with a soft plush, a book, some chocolate, and one of Indigo’s top trending toys for spring.

Easter ideas for kids ages six to eight

To make your child feel like they’re a part of the festivities, invite them to help prepare for the holiday. Find easy Easter crafts in our creativity shop, or let kids help in the kitchen. Try Easter recipes together, like sugar cookies with festive cookie cutters and later, get them to jazz up the cookies with edible Easter decorations made from icing. Keep the magic of the Easter bunny alive by planning an epic egg hunt. Some Easter egg hunt ideas include transforming a scavenger hunt with clues, or incorporating a relay race or Easter activities into the main event. For Easter basket ideas, try filling a basket with an assortment of on-theme goodies, such as scented Crayola Silly Putty (which always come housed in little eggs), a Squishmallow stuffed toy, or another top trending toy they’ll adore.

Easter ideas for kids ages nine to 12

Get older kids into the Easter Canada holidays with Easter crafts and other preparations before the big weekend. Try Easter egg painting together. Make it even more of a creative activity by using watercolour paints to decorate the eggs with unique patterns and drippy designs. For Easter basket ideas, look to their hobbies, book preferences, likes and dislikes to give them an Easter gift they’ll truly cherish. Perhaps you’ll add a book by their favourite author, a small trending toy they’ve been coveting or a game or puzzle the whole family can enjoy. After all, safe family time is what seasonal celebrations are all about.