Why Buy a Kobo eReader?

  • glare-free E Ink screen
    Read in the sun with no reflection thank to a glare-free E Ink touchscreen.
  • 6,000 eBooks
    Carry at least 6,000 eBooks with you anywhere you go.
  • long battery life
    Read for weeks on a single battery charge.*
  • ComfortLight and ComfortLight PRO
    Read late into the night with ComfortLight and ComfortLight PRO.
  • built-in eBookstore
    Buy a new eBook any time of day on the built-in eBookstore.
  • waterproof eReaders
    Read in the water with select waterproof eReaders.

Extend Your eReading Experience

Audiobooks and eBooks: Discover over 6 million titles available, from best sellers to the latest releases. Plus enjoy your first audiobooks for free when you start your free audiobook trial with kobo.

Kobo eReaders:

Kobo’s award-winning eReaders are the best devices for those who love to read. With the Kobo Libra H2O, Kobo Forma, and Kobo Clara HD, you have your own portable reading world in your hands all the time. Each eReader offers a customizable reading experience with adjustable fonts and margins. Additionally, many of the eReaders feature ComfortLight, the fully adjustable front-light that ensures you’ll read comfortably in any lighting. Each eReader is only compatible with the respective case.

Kobo Cases:

With an award-winning eReader in your hands, you need to ensure it is protected. Shop Kobo Libra H2O cases, Kobo Forma cases, and Kobo Clara HD cases. Each case is only compatible with the respective eReader.


With a wide selection of eBooks available, from the bestsellers to the latest releases, find a story that draws you in, that you can share with friends, that you can talk about in a book club, and one you will never want to put down.