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    BlueAnatomy Wireless Body Scale - Black

    by BlueAnatomy

    The BlueAnatomy™ Wireless Body Scale is a comprehensive health consumer health and fitness product that encourages weight loss through comprehensive monitoring and tracking on the convenience of your mobile device and cloud servers. Highlights: • Reliably communicates directly to your mobile devices. • Accurately calculates and stores 6 important health data: Weight, Fat, BMI, Water, Muscle and Bone • Conveniently track and graph all historical readings through your mobile device or on your computer at anytime. Set targeted goals and take notes.  Share readings with your healthcare or fitness professional! • Simple, elegant and thin ergonomic design with NO buttons on scale •  Download the free fully featured BlueAnatomy™ app which automatically stores all your important data (when internet connection is available) on our secure cloud server so you can access them anywhere with the convenience of all your mobile devices or computer. Included: 1 x Body Scale 4 x AAA batteries 1 x Product Manual

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    Withings Pulse

    by Withings

    We all move - whether it is strolling around the office, walking to the grocery store or conquering mountaintops. The Withings Pulse can help us all be more active.   It captures steps, burned calories, elevation climbed and distance traveled. Once synced to your smartphone or tablet, you will discover your data put into perspective.   Analyze your running in real time with the Withings Pulse. When you are jogging, press the button once and discover the data you need: the duration and distance travelled while exercising.   Analyzing your sleep. Place the Withings Pulse in the sleep wristband and launch the sleep cycle analysis. The in-app graph shows the different sleep cycles and lists key sleep quality indicators - something more reliable than "impressions".   This is the smallest device to measure heart rate. Check your heart on any occasion: before a date to assess your stress, or at the gym after exercising.

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    Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 - White

    by Withings

    High-accuracy weight measure with complementary Body Mass Index (BMI) reading: step on the Wireless Scale and know where you stand in a breeze.   Patent pending Position Control™ technology: visual feedback to properly position your body on the scale for high-accuracy weighing. The Wireless Scale wirelessly syncs with your Withings account. Your personal weight and BMI charts immediately get updated after each weighing.   Enjoy the long range of Wi-Fi to weigh from anywhere in your home and the convenience of Bluetooth for on-the-go usage. Tracks and automatically recognizes up to 8 different users. Weight measures are automatically recorded in the right user profile.   Do more with your weight data thanks to a large varierty of compatible health and fitness apps, including Runkeeper, LoseIt!, Up by Jawbone, and MyFitnessPal.

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