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|October 9, 2014

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For the first time, the complete story of the enigmatic founder of the Rolling Stones and the early years of the band Brian Jones was the golden boy of the Rolling Stones—the visionary who gave the band its name and its sound. Yet he was a haunted man, and…

|April 8, 2008

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“Fellow rock stars, casual members of the public, lords and media magnates, countless thousands of people will talk of their encounters with this driven, talented, indomitable creature, a man who has plumbed the depths of depravity, yet emerged with an…
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|August 1, 2007


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Iggy Pop’s legendary career has been tumultuous, reaching great heights, producing mega-hits, while at times hitting rock-bottom lows in jail and mental institutions. Along the way, he’s become a cult rock hero, an inspiration for dozens of other famous rockers,…
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|December 13, 2012

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« Une lecture captivante. Avec de nombreuses sources inédites, il s’agit sans aucun doute de la biographie définitive. Écrite avec autorité, esprit, verve et un amour évident pour son sujet, elle contient tout pour exciter le plus obsessionnel des spécialistes de…
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|October 15, 2015

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Schon von Anfang an erkannte man etwas teuflisches an Brian Jones. Und wie wir wissen, spielt der Teufel die besten Songs. "Nimm nur einen, auf keinen Fall beide", riet der Blues-Impresario Alexis Korner dem jungen Brian Jones, als der für seine aufstrebende Band…
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|July 18, 2011


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"Ziggy Stardust," "Changes," Under Pressure," "Let's Dance," "Fame," "Heroes," and of course, "Starman." These are the classic songs of David Bowie, the artist whose personas are indelibly etched in our pop consciousness alongside his music. He wrote and recorded…
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|December 8, 2011

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«Uno sabe que nunca hay nada definitivo en contemporáneos pero esta biografía es excelente y cultiva tanto el mito como anti-mito. Minucioso y encomiable trabajo de entrevista y diagnóstico sobre el Mesías Marciano que siempre nos ha ofrecido David Jones» arlos…
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|June 26, 2015


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De oprichting van The Rolling Stones is een van de grootste epische verhalen van de rock-’n-roll-geschiedenis. Niet Mick Jagger en Keith Richards stonden evenwel aan de wieg van de Rolling Stones, maar muzikaal genie, manipulator en (groot) drugsgebruiker Brian…