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|September 28, 2007


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While sailing to the colonies with her father, eleven-year-old Sarah is swept overboard during a pirate raid, washing up on a strange island where kidnapped children called "Woolies" are forced to weave fantastical rugs by the evil Mr. Grim, and those who anger…

|October 11, 2005


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Inspiring, intriguing, endlessly entertaining — Norman Messenger's interactive book allows us to step out of our everyday lives, shed our preconceptions, and experience a little magic. IMAGINE . . . a ladder without steps, a clock without hands, a racket…

|October 4, 2010


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After tangling with the deadly basilisk, Nathaniel Fludd is glad to return to England with his Aunt Phil. But someone has ransacked their home, and their best suspect is the sinister man who's been trying to steal the Book of Beasts. Before Nate and Aunt Phil…