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"The Kobo Arc is a winning combination of form and function."



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kobo arc

– Features & Benefits –

Kobo Arc

Reads You Like a Book

Kobo Arc is the only tablet that gets to know you, so you get more of what you love. Watch as the Discovery Ribbon fills up with personal recommendations based on the eBooks, magazines, music, and movies you’ve already collected. Pretty soon your Kobo Arc will be packed with tons of media recommendations you’ll love, including things you never knew existed.

Everything You Love at Your Fingertips

Kobo Arc is powered by the latest version of Android™*, and is enhanced by Tapestries — Kobo’s exclusive interface that allows you to easily organize your eBooks, music, movies, magazines, and favourite web pages thematically. Keep all your content at your fingertips for quick and easy access, no digging.

Immerse Yourself in Colour

See every detail. Kobo Arc’s 7” HD screen displays over 16 million colours. Over 1 million pixels at a 1280 x 800 resolution means unparalleled brightness, clarity and sharpness.

Lightweight & Travel Friendly

The durable HD screen is resistant to damage, drops and bumps that come with everyday use. Available in 8GB and 16GB models, Kobo Arc holds all your eBooks, magazines, music, movies and apps, no matter where you are. And because it’s only 364 grams, it’s the perfect travel companion.

Access the Latest Apps

Fill your Kobo Arc with the latest apps. With Google Play™*, you get access to over 600,000 apps. And you can keep in touch with friends via video chat with a 720p HD, front-facing camera.

Power & Performance

The long lasting battery has the juice for 10 hours of reading time or 2+ weeks of standby time. That’s about 336 hours. The dual core processor won’t sap your battery, which means you can use your Kobo Arc for longer without disruption. Discover new content whenever and wherever there’s a Wi Fi connection.

Read in Colour

Kobo Arc can display over 16 million colours, so you’ll love our selection of full-colour eBooks. Enjoy graphic novels and comics, newspapers and magazines, cookbooks and Read Along picture books all on your Kobo Arc. Connect to any Wi Fi hotspot to access the entire Kobo eBookstore with over 3 million eBooks, including full-colour eBooks and 1 million free titles.

Read Freely Guarantee

Kobo Arc’s open platform means you’re free to create the tablet experience you want. Plus, your Kobo eBooks are yours to do with as you please, so you’re never locked in to one device. That means you can read any open-format eBook on your new Kobo Arc. With free top-rated Kobo apps, you can read across devices you already own.

Stylish & Functional Design

The Kobo Arc features built-in front facing speakers that direct sound towards your ears. SRS TruMedia™, a feature-rich audio solution tuned specifically for tablet devices, gives you a cinema-like surround headphone performance with deep, rich bass. Style your Kobo Arc with a range of interchangeable backs. Choose the Kobo SnapBack that best fits your personal style.