Vendor Information

External Party Integrity Hotline

If you wish to report questionable behavior or a possible violation of the Indigo Vendor Code of Conduct, you are encouraged to work with your primary Indigo contact in resolving your concern. If that is not possible or appropriate, please use the External Party Integrity Hotline.

The External Party Integrity Hotline is available to external parties to confidentially communicate any Code of Conduct concerns or violations with respect to Indigo employees and the Vendors that Indigo conducts business with. Any person who believes that a violation of the Indigo Vendor Code of Conduct or Employee Code of Conduct has occurred is asked to report the relevant information in confidence to:

You may choose to remain anonymous if you contact the External Party Integrity Hotline. Indigo will make every effort to investigate all reported violations in a discreet, fair and confidential manner, and will take appropriate action, as required, to maintain the integrity of its business.