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What are the best birthday gifts? Everyone’s a little different, so the best birthday gift ideas are something that’s just for them! It’s your chance to show that special someone just how much they mean to you, by picking something you recognize as uniquely for them. Big or small, birthday gifts are impactful when they involve real thought, and are imbued with meaning. Paying attention leading up to their actual birthday can really pay dividends if you’re still searching for a gift idea, and thinking about what they like to do, where they go when they’re not at work or school, and what makes them happy when you’re together are also interesting directions to explore when thinking about birthday gift ideas.

Shopping for her, him, or kids, we have great gift ideas at Indigo and in:


Fashion Accessories





At Indigo, we believe that books make the best gifts. Stories connect us. And as a birthday gift, a book can make that connection even deeper. A great story you think they will enjoy can open them up to whole new worlds, and provide them with an instant escape. Picking a book from their favourite author or in their favourite genre can ensure that they’re going to be interested in your choice for them. Or make it personal, with a book you love, and think they will too. An inscription can help them remember the date, time, or reason you gave it. Something they can look back to and remember fondly.

An inscription is also a great idea for kids, especially when they’re young and new milestones are being established all the time. From their first birthday, to the many that come along the way as they learn and grow, we have the best books for kids of all ages and stages. Celebrate with favourite authors and new releases. Books from Robert Munsch, Dav Pilkey, or J.K. Rowling are always great gift ideas for kids books. Titles like I’ll Love You Forever, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, and Where the Sidewalk Ends are ones they’ll want to keep forever.

Fashion Accessories:

For the fashion-forward or those that just like to be comfortable in their everyday attire, fashion items for her can be great birthday gift idea. We have everything from simple accessories to immediate wardrobe additions. With jewellery, wallets, cellphone cases and covers, bags, scarves, wraps and more, there’s guaranteed to be something to dazzle her.

For the stylish, or the guy in need of a wardrobe update, fashion items and accessories make a great gift idea for him. Adding a little something extra to his work routine can make work outfits pop, while gym bags, backpacks, and hats can make any guy feel ready for his weekend. Plus, we have those statement items that make a big night out a true occasion.

Kids can get into fashion accessories that move with them. And clothes and other accessories in featuring favourite colours, characters, or patterns can be a perfect birthday gift ideas both parents and kids will love.


Treating her or him to a moment of self-care can be meaningful birthday gift you can make come to life. For a spa day, or a simple moment of relaxation, items for the bath, diffusers, and essential oils for aromatherapy, and skincare provide a lift they might not know they needed, or truly craved.

Books about wellness from Susan Verde, and lunch and adventure essentials like water bottles and lunch boxes can work as a thoughtful gift for wellness-minded parents, and an introduction to kids.


Fun for games nights, hosts, and imaginative kids, games are a great birthday gift idea for any age. Go with a classic, or try something new, like Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, or What Do You Meme?


Top tech can wow them as a birthday gift, and accessories that augment the things they already enjoy can be great birthday gift ideas as well. Music lovers of any age will love wireless speakers and headphones, while the tech-obsessed can get fully connected with home assistants and other smart home accessories. Students and kids can always use a new cellphone or laptop case, and we stock the latest games from Nintendo for kids big and little.


Indoors or outdoors, kids with active imaginations and lots of energy will love our selection of toys. For birthday gift ideas that make the most of backyard play and outdoor fun, we have toys they can dig with, ride on, climb, or use to make a splash. Arts and crafts can keep creative minds engaged, and builders will love our selection of LEGO, Playmobil, and more. Give inquisitive minds opportunity to grow and make greater connections, with S.T.E.M. toys that explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We also stock the hottest trending toys for birthday gifts that will immediately bring a smile to their face. You can shop Slime, L.O.L. Dolls, American Girl, and more for the ‘it’ gifts they’ll want to unwrap now!

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