Heather’s Picks

Reading is one of the most powerful ways we can better ourselves – and our lives.

Heather Reisman, CEO & Chief Booklover

Featured Holiday Picks. As seen on CBC and CTV

The Best Kind of People

by Zoe Whittall

How would you react if your loving, honourable husband was suddenly charged with an awful crime? The Best Kind of People by Canada’s own Zoe Whittall is a riveting and timely novel which raises the most profound questions about family and trust.


by Joseph Boyden

The powerful story of Chanie Wenjack, told by the incomparable Joseph Boyden. As we work towards reconciliation, every Canadian owes it to themselves to read this unforgettable true story.
Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

Hillbilly Elegy

by J.D. Vance

The best book to read to make sense of the America election, as well as a deeply moving memoir and commentary on the cultural crisis unfolding in the United States. J.D. Vance traces his poor and working class family’s history and reflects on his own upbringing and the wider struggles faced by the white working class in the United States.
Waiting for First Light by Romeo Dallaire

Waiting for First Light

By Romeo Dallaire

General Romeo Dallaire is celebrated as one of Canada’s heroic leaders and committed humanitarians. Waiting for First Light is his harrowing and brutally honest look at his struggles with PTSD. It is an intensely personal, transformative, and moving call for an increased understanding of the men and women who serve our country and the legacies they return with.
In the company of women by Grace Bonney

In the company of women

By Grace Bonney

In the Company of Women brings together interviews and profiles of over 100 successful women from all ages, races, backgrounds and industries. It includes heartfelt advice, wisdom, and insights provided to help encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and creative drive for the next generation of powerful women.
Oh she Glows Every day by Angela Liddon

Oh she Glows Every day

by Angela Liddon

Angela Liddon’s eagerly awaited follow-up to the international bestseller The Oh She Glows Cookbook is packed with amazingly simple and delicious plant-based recipes that will keep you glowing from the inside out every day.
Cooking for Jeffrey by Ina Garten

Cooking for Jeffrey

By Ina Garten

Cooking for someone you love is one of life’s great pleasures. Ina Garten has collected the recipes she has used throughout her 48 year marriage to delight and treat her loved ones. As America’s bestselling cookbook author, you cannot find a more reliable collection of comforting and delicious meals to bring to your family’s table.
Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield

Darkest Dark

By Chris Hadfield

This inspiring story by a Canadian hero, Col. Chris Hadfield, tells of overcoming your fears and following your dreams. Accompanied by gorgeous art by Canadian duo, The Fan’s Brothers, this is sure to make a perfect gift and surely will be a storytime favourite for years to come.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

By JK Rowling

The screenplay for the new movie  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, presented in a beautiful hardcover edition, is a must-have for all Harry Potter fans. This is J.K. Rowling’s first screenplay and provides a wealth of additional insight into the characters, magical creatures, and wizarding world of her fictional universe.