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Votive Set - Boy Smells
Out of stock online
Not sold in stores
Celebrate on your own terms this season with all three modern takes on traditional opulence from Future Classics Holiday Collection in petite 3oz versions of the standard 8.5oz candles. This seasonal trio set includes: FIGURARE — fig leaves, black pepper,…
Figurare scented candle
Online exclusive
FIGURARE (fi·gu·rà·re — An Italian verb meaning "to represent, to depict, to portray") is OUR interpretation of the illustrious green fig note. A modern take on traditional opulence with sumptuous fig leaves that graze subtle spices of black pepper, cardamom and…
De Nime scented candle
Online exclusive
Named after the city of Nîmes, France where denim workwear was first produced hundreds of years ago, this candle has the quiet, cool quality of French indigo. Invoking earthy notes of violet, eucalyptus and blueberry, this holiday scent has dressed up provincial…
Broken Rosary scented candle
Online exclusive
This spiritual rose/wood wonder will convert your surroundings into a holy space. Bathe in the sacred beads of cedar wood, lush rose water and pumiced orris to incite new visions of the holidays. Earthy spiced notes of cardamom, moss and cinnamon leaf round out…
Best Buds Votive Quartet Set
Out of stock online
Not sold in stores
A votive set containing four candles; petite versions of the standard 8.5oz candles. What they have in common is pretty clear—a dank and musky strain runs through them; one is woody, another leathery, a new one that is citrus forward, all along with our…
Cashmere Kush Scented Candle
Online exclusive
The aroma is a smoky, dark and sensual interpretation of our best-selling green scented candle. It hits deep with heady notes of dried pot flower and molecular wood, linking amber and powdery musk to form a fragrance that’s inebriating. It’s elevated; it’s…
Hinoki Fantome Scented Candle
Online exclusive
A resinous aroma of smoking Japanese cypress and jasmine petals. Warm and meditative with an element of earthy spice notes and quiet, fresh moss. Studies note that hinoki's vibrant timber can induce physiological relaxation. An absolute cold-weather necessity to…
Votive Trio Set: Kush, Ash, Cedar Stack
Online exclusive
A votive set of three candles; petite versions of the standard 8.5oz candles. This trio is near and dear. They are the very first three smells Boy Smells created: KUSH: Cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip and amber. ASH: Firewood, smoke, charcoal, palo santo and…
Lanai Scented Candle
Online exclusive
Ancient volcanic sands extend right to the edge of sweet tropic foliage in this scent, reminding us of the lush cycle of life, death, and renewal. Return to the island. Notes of coconut, pink peppercorn, orange blossom, coal and clove. Coconut and beeswax with…
St. Al Scented Candle
In stock online
Not available in stores
This incredibly well balanced sandalwood scent takes its cues from colonial missions; exotic florals mixed with frankincense undertones result in a holy and exotic experience. Coconut and beeswax blend with braided cotton wick, in glossy black glass tumbler.…
Purple Kush Scented Candle
Online exclusive
Steel toned violets and cannabis flowers are added to the iconic Kush scent. Additional notes of powdery musks are enriched by the existing palette of tulip and brushed suede. Subtle fruit tannins of cassis play gently against newly added texture of vetiver root.…
Cedar Stack Scented Candle
Online exclusive
Cedarwood chips and dried tobacco are slightly smoked with bay leaf and crushed peppercorn to create a warm, woodsy smell. Log cabin living. Coconut and beeswax blend with braided cotton wick, in glossy black glass tumbler. Scent notes: cedar, labdanum, juniper…