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A Kaleidoscopic Look at the Many Faces of Bob Dylan For almost half a century, Bob Dylan has been a primary catalyst in rock's shifting sensibilities. Few American artists are as important, beloved, and endlessly examined, yet he remains something of an enigma. Who, we ask, is the "real" Bob…read more

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A teen idol of the 1950s who virtually invented the singer/songwriter/heartthrob combination that still tops pop music today, Paul Anka rocketed to fame with a slew of hits-from "Diana" to "Put Your Head on my Shoulder"-that earned him a place touring with the major stars of his era, including…read more

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Todays children are an endangered species. As a result of the reductionism spawned by Freud and the homogenization of the stages of human life that followed, many children seem to have lost their childhood and been thrust into the confusing and chaotic world of adults. Eugene Schwartz presents an…read more

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El tercer sacramento tiene un nombre eléctrico: Aereosmith. Tras varias décadas de vendaval sonoro, su piloto y primer contorsionista toma la pluma para “contarlo todo” según mandan los cánones de la galaxia donde habita. Pero no se fíen porque Tyler lo hace con tantos pelos y señales que deja…read more