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Circle Of Jinn

by Lori Goldstein

|This title releases May 16, 2017



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Being Jinn is Azra's new reality. As she grants wishes under the watchful eye of the Afrit council, she remains torn between her two worlds-human and Jinn. Soon secrets spill, and rumors of an uprising become real as the Afrit's reach extends beyond the…

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A stunning anthology of the work of visionary stylist Lori Goldstein, whose interpretations of fashion and beauty have produced some of the most groundbreaking and iconic images in fashion and popular culture. Lori Goldstein: Style Is Instinct publishes for the…

Becoming Jinn

by Lori Goldstein

|April 21, 2015



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Azra has just turned sixteen, and overnight her body lengthens, her olive skin deepens, and her eyes glisten gold thanks to the brand-new silver bangle that locks around her wrist. As she always knew it would, her Jinn ancestry brings not just magical powers but…
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In Lori Goldstein's The Genius of Jinn , prequel to BECOMING JINN and the sequel CIRCLE OF JINN, thirteen-year-old Azra and her nemesis Yasmin are whisked away to a mysterious land with a special language, awe-inspiring architecture, and quirky toilets: France.…