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Television And The Public Sphere: Citizenship, Democracy And The Media

|October 24, 1995

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In this broad-ranging text, Peter Dahlgren clarifies the underlying theoretical concepts of civil society and the public sphere, and relates these to a critical analysis of the practice of television as journalism, as information and as entertainment. He…
The Political Web: Media, Participation and Alternative Democracy

|August 9, 2013

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As democracy encounters increasing difficulties, many citizens are turning to the domain of alternative politics, and in so doing, making considerable use of the Web and other new communication technologies. Clearly this is having significant impact, and we see…
Media and Political Engagement: Citizens, Communication and Democracy

|February 23, 2009

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One of the most difficult problems facing Western democracy today is the decline in citizens' political engagement. There are many elements that contribute to this, including fundamental socio-cultural changes. The book summarizes these contexts and situates…
Politics and Web 2.0: The Participation Gap
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|August 11, 2016

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A point of departure for this book is the paradox between the seemingly limitless promise modern web technologies hold for enhanced political communication and their limited actual contribution. Empirical evidence indicates that neither citizens nor political…
Young Citizens and New Media: Learning for Democratic Participation
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|October 11, 2013

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This book integrates four distinct topics: young people, citizenship, new media, and learning processes. When taken together, these four topics merge to define an arena of social and research attention that has become compelling in recent years. The general…