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Jared Diamond tells us in his book Guns,Germs, and Steel, that the development of societies in various parts of the world was due more to the environment in which the inhabitants found themselves, and not to innate biological differences. Jared Diamond used a variety of disciplines such as…read more

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First published in 1989, this book examines the work, careers and politics of French engineers and technical workers employed in traditional and high-technology settings. In the process, it critically evaluates several theories of social change and advocates a unique approach to class theory and…read more

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From June 1944 to May 1945, US, British, and Canadian troops fought an intense campaign against the might of the battle-hardened German Wehrmacht. The campaign ultimately ended in victory, as German forces in northern Europe surrendered, but the fighting was hard and there were many difficulties…read more

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Clients who seek therapy often feel they are struggling with their whole being: their emotional, physical, relational and social selves. Understanding this is crucial to developing a successful therapeutic relationship. Using psychodynamic, psychoanalytic and existential ideas, this book explores…read more