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In recent years, a number of books in the field of literacy research have addressed the experiences of literacy users or the multiple processes of learning literacy skills in a rapidly changing technological environment. In contrast to these studies, this book…read more

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Fundamental Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise is an engaging and comprehensive introductory textbook that explains biomechanical concepts from first principles, showing clearly how the science relates to real sport and exercise situations. The book is divided…read more

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Virtual Reality Excursions with Programs in C provides the history, theory, principles and an account of the milestones in the development of virtual reality technology. The book is organized into five chapters. The first chapter explores the applications in the…read more

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The Oregon Climate Service estimated precipitation in Nevada for two 30-year periods, 1961-90 and 1971-2000, using the computer program, Parameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model, or PRISM. The accuracy of PRISM estimates for Nevada has not been…read more

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This book explains how the debt crisis is increasing the U.S. trade deficit both with Latin America and our other trading partners, slowing the rate of U.S. economic growth, reducing the number of new American jobs, and increasing the rate of unemployment and the…read more