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The Borrowers

by Mary Norton

|February 1, 2001


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This is the classic story - read and loved by children all over the world - of Pod, Homily, and their daughter, Arrietty, who live under the kitchen floor in a quiet, half-empty house and get their livelihood by borrowing from the 'human beans.' 'Delectable…

Ruby Holler

by Sharon Creech

|April 24, 2012



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"You are now entering Ruby Holler, the one and only Ruby Holler! Your lives are never going to be the same—" "Trouble twins" Dallas and Florida are orphans who have given up believing there is such a thing as a loving home. Tiller and Sairy are an eccentric…

Flour Babies

by Anne Fine

|April 3, 2001


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Let it be flour babies. Let chaos reign. When the annual school science fair comes round, Mr Cartwright's class don't get to work on the Soap Factory, the Maggot Farm or the Exploding Custard Tins. To their intense disgust they get the Flour Babies - sweet…

Here Lies Arthur

by Philip Reeve

|November 1, 2008


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Everyone's heard of King Arthur, but no one's ever heard the truth. Gwynna is just a girl who is forced to run when her village is attacked. She is discovered in the woods by Myrddin the bard, a traveler and spinner of tales. He agrees to protect Gwynna if she…