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|November 6, 2013


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The summer of 1744 in England is dry; with crops beginning to fail, poaching is the only alternative to starvation, even though it is illegal and carries a heavy punishment. As sixteen-year-old Jonathan Swift carefully slides through dry brush in the dark, he…
A Smuggler's Nightmare: Swift Series: Book 5

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EXCITING NAUTICAL FICTION WITH ENOUGH TWISTS AND TURNS TO KEEP YOU GUESSING Winter 1747. Jon Swift, captain of the schooner Providence and owner of the Hudson Trading Company, has a new business to run. Besides the Providence, he has two other ships working and…
Swift Pride
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|December 12, 2014


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Summer 1746. Louisbourg has fallen. HMS Mermaid, a forty gun ship of the line, escorts a convoy containing surrendered Frenchmen across the Atlantic to Brest, France. Pressed sailor, Jon Swift, struggles with personal demons. Torn from his family by the press…