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Rifle Paper Co.’s Garance Doré Rifle Paper Co.’s charming prints are fan favourites for their nostalgic feel and artful designs, so when we heard they were teaming up with Garance Doré – one of fashion’s most adored illustrators – we knew great things would happen. We asked Anna Bond, creative director and co-owner of Rifle Paper Co., about the inspired collaboration of prints that showcase Doré’s signature classic-with-a-twist style, available exclusively at Indigo.
  • How did the collaboration between Rifle Paper Co. and Garance Doré first come about?

    Garance reached out to us about collaborating…I was very familiar with her work so I was immediately interested and dreamed up the idea of working on an entire collection together. We met in New York soon after and both felt that we were on the same page creatively so everything just came together after that.

    What is the philosophy behind Rifle Paper Co.?

    We’re about creating beautiful, quality products that make people happy and (hopefully) add something beyond the purchase. A card can be used to share a special sentiment to make someone’s day, a print can make your home a more beautiful place, a journal can be a tool to write a novel or poem and so on.

    What are some of the most unique ways you have seen people use your prints?

    I’ve seen a lot of people take our other products and turn them into prints, which is really fun to see. I also love seeing pictures of where people hang our prints in their homes and the variety of interiors. The same print can work in so many types of rooms and homes.

  • What inspires your designs for Rifle Paper Co.?

    So many things inspire me and I try to take everything in around me. However, some of my biggest influences are nature, traveling and fashion.

    What tips or tricks do you have for using your designs in a gallery wall?

    I love a great gallery wall and I think one of the tricks is variety and balance. You should spread out sizes and colours and have a variety styles. There should just be some sort of colour or theme that ties everything together.

What did you find most rewarding during the collaboration?

For me, it was getting a chance to do something different and see a new creative vision come to life. I had so much fun helping to develop a cohesive collection based on her brand and aesthetic.