Play a video interview with Pharrell Williams.
When someone walks away saying ‘man I felt that’ or ‘I can relate to that’…what’s better than that?

Maybe you’re a hip-hop head, and you know Pharrell from the liner notes of some of the greatest singles of all time, as a producer with The Neptunes. Maybe you’re a rap fan, and N*E*R*D is your jam. Maybe you’re a streetwear aficionado reppin’ Billionaire Boys Club, or a fashionista rocking a Pharrell designed feature. Maybe you’re still humming his infectious pop smash “Happy” years later. And maybe you just recognize him as “that guy with all the hats”.

But we bet you didn’t know he’s also an author.

In 2013 Pharrell Williams took us through his book Places and Spaces I’ve Been, full of collaborations, interviews, art, and design from a true arbiter of style.

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