Margaret Atwood
I didn’t put anything into the book that had not already happened at some time, in some place in history.

Dystopian prophet. Feminist heroine. Poetic philosopher. Peerless author. Canadian icon. Multi-platform auteur. Moral compass. Visionary. Voice.

Margaret Atwood.

As the debut of the latest adaptation of her timeless work of speculative fiction The Handmaid’s Tale was about to hit small screens and streaming sites, the poet, author and activist joined us to talk about a book written to address the contemporary political issues of over 30 years ago, which may be even more prescient today. In vivid and descriptive detail, Margaret Atwood traces the story of The Handmaid’s Tale from its theocratic and totalitarian inspirations, to its current incarnation as a rallying cry in the time of Trump, and what we can do now to reverse the course of dangerous patriarchies holding power. Told with her signature wit, and marked wisdom, the author subtly shocks and dependably awes.

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