No Filter: Books That Aren’t Afraid To Get Real
Sabrina Benaim’s poetry continually spoke to my soul, captured my heart and welled my eyes.

Raw. Personal. Emotional. Powerful. A new generation of authors is here, making irreverence relevant with books that challenge conventions and cut to the heart of what makes us human. Equal parts hopeful and haunting, booklovers are falling in love with these reads that are rich in experience.

If you’re feeling what we’re feeling, some of these authors need no introduction. But in case you need a catch up, we’ve compiled a short list of five great books we’re featuring from the genre to get you started; each with a quick review from a member of our staff. Unique and quotable, we promise they’ll stay with you long after you’re done!

You’ll Grow Out of It by Jessi Klein

You’ll Grow Out of It

“This was laugh-out-loud funny and I enjoyed it so much. Full of anecdotes about being a comic, a woman, a mom.”
– Chelsey C., Category Manager

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay


“Powerful, raw, vulnerable, visceral, and devastating—Roxane Gay’s latest work will move you so deeply, you will feel like it has been written just for you.”
– Ameema S., Customer Service Co-Ordinator

milk and honey by rupi kaur

milk and honey

“Poetry was always last on my list of the things I wanted to read, but the simplicity of the cover of this book drew me in. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming and something everyone should read.”
– Cassandra D., CER, Indigo Erin Mills

Depresion and Other Magic Tricks by Sabrina Benaim

Depresion & Other Magic Tricks

“Sabrina Benaim’s poetry continually spoke to my soul, captured my heart and welled my eyes. #youarenotalone #bestpoetry2017.”
– Irit H., CEM, Indigo Sherway

Love Her Wild by Atticus

Love Her Wild

“As I was reading this book, I felt euphoric; transported from my little corner of the world to the corners in the book—I was watching the stars in the forest, I was drinking whiskey in the desert.”
– Susan B., CER, Coles Corner Brook Plaza

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