irewards FAQ

All about irewards

Please refer to the irewards program terms & conditions here.

Which items does the irewards discount apply to?

While irewards entitles you to an additional discount before applicable taxes on books, both online and in-store, as well as a discount on eligible non-book items in-store, the following items are not eligible for the irewards discount: Starbucks / Indigo Café food & beverages, irewards memberships, eBooks, eReaders, electronics, Apple accessories, digital audio downloads, used & rare items, gifts with purchase, gift cards, charitable donations (including but not limited to Indigo Love of Reading Foundation), delivery / shipping charges (where applicable), plastic bag fees, provincial fees (including but not limited to environmental handling fees), and any other items specified as exclusions from time to time or where prohibited by law. Indigo reserves the right to add or remove products and services eligible for the irewards discount at any time.

Can I share my irewards card?

No -- at this time, irewards is an individual membership and does not offer spousal or family cards. We believe that the value of the card exceeds its annual membership cost of $35 (or $30 for teachers and seniors). With 40% off Bestsellers in store, 10% off books in store, up to 5% off books online, and 5% off virtually everything else in store as well as exclusive promotions and events, irewards allows each member to reap the benefits of membership quickly.

What is the minimum age for an irewards Senior Membership?

You must be 65 years of age or older to qualify for the senior membership price. Proof of age must be presented when you purchase your membership to receive this discounted rate and as such, these memberships must be purchased in store.

I am a teacher. What do I need to provide to receive an irewards Teacher Membership??

Teachers must provide appropriate identification in-store in order to purchase an irewards teacher membership. Appropriate identification includes ID or a pay stub. For home-schooling teachers appropriate ID can be student registration number, home-school association ID or a tax form. Teachers are defined as home-schooling, early childhood educators, pre-school, elementary, junior high, high school and college teachers and university professors.

The bestsellers discount will be changing, what does this mean to my current membership benefits?

By June 11th, irewards members will receive an additional 10% off our new discounted bestsellers price – which will be available at 40% off every day. In addition, the bestseller discount will be extended to include paperback bestseller titles.

Why has the irewards membership fee increased in price?

For many customers, the irewards program provides great value at $35 ($30 for teachers & seniors). And, we’ve extended the program discount to reward more than book purchases including toys, magazines, gourmet food, home décor. Recognizing that some customers may no longer see a benefit given how much they spend, we have created a new free program as an alternative – plum rewards. When it's time for you to renew your irewards membership, our staff are ready to help you decide which program makes most sense for you.

Now that Indigo offers plum rewards, what’s happening with the irewards™ program?

Plum rewards does not replace irewards. The free plum rewards program is an alternative to the fee-based irewards program. Customers can choose to be a member of either program (but not both). If you have an irewards membership and you choose to switch to plum rewards, you will start earning plum points on eligible purchases instead of receiving your irewards discount.

I recently joined the irewards program and would like to switch to the plum rewards program. Can I switch now?

You can switch to the plum rewards program from the irewards program at any time, however we recommend that you continue to use your irewards membership until it expires as the irewards membership fee is non-refundable.

What happens to my irewards discount if I switch to plum rewards?

If you are an irewards member and you decide to switch to plum rewards, you will earn plum points on purchases instead of receiving your irewards discount.

Can I be both an irewards member and a plum rewards member?

You can choose to be a member of either the plum rewards program or the irewards program, but not both. Our store staff can help you choose which program is right for you.

What happens if I’m a plum rewards member and would like to join irewards?

If you decide to switch to the irewards program, you will start receiving your irewards discount on purchases, and all plum points associated with your plum rewards account will be forfeited. If you would like to return to plum rewards in the future, a new account will be created.

My irewards card is about to expire. How will I know which program is better for me?

Our store staff can help you choose the program that best suits you based on your past shopping behaviour. Visit us in store and our store staff at cash will be ready to help you decide.

What are personalized recommendations?

Personalized recommendations are products suggested by Indigo just for you, based on activity such as your purchase history and preferences listed in your account profile. It’s our goal to save you time and help you discover products you’ll use and love.

How can I make sure that I receive personalized recommendations?

All you need to do is make purchases using your irewards membership, and keep your preferences up to date online at The more purchases you make, the better your recommendations will become. Please note that it may take 1-2 weeks for your recommendations to change based on a particular purchase or account update.

Where can I access my personalized recommendations?

There are 3 places that you can access your personalized recommendations:

  • Online at once you log on to your account centre. Look for the My Recommendations link.
  • At the Kiosk in Chapters or Indigo stores. Simply insert your irewards card into the kiosk and you will have access to your personalized recommendations.
  • Periodically, we may also e-mail personalized recommendations directly to you.

How does Indigo know what to recommend to me?

Personalized recommendations are determined based on your activity with Indigo, including:

  • the types of products you purchase from our stores
  • the preferences you’ve indicated in your account profile
  • your activity on, such as recommending a product or putting a book on your shelf.

The more purchases and activity you have with Indigo/Chapters/Coles as a member, the better your recommendations will become.

Can I save my recommendations?

You can save the products that are recommended for you by clicking on “+ Add to My Wish List” or “+Add to My Shopping List”.