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Ruth & Sylvia Schwartz Children's Book Award Winners
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Picture Books

|August 1, 2008


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From a fish opening a ?can of worms? to a tap-dancing octopus putting his ?best foot forward,? these familiar idioms are re-imagined by award-winner Wallace Edwards in hilarious and unexpected ways. To help readers ?stay on the ball,? the idioms are used in a…

|June 22, 2001


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The hero of this farmyard fantasy, Merlin, is not a typical kitten. No one knows who his natural mother is, but Guinevere, the oldest hen in the barn, is perfectly willing to take the frail kitten under her wing. Despite the genuine love that Guinevere showers on…

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Northern Lights is a beautiful tale that explores the mystical aspects of the northern lights in Inuit culture. Scientists have their own explanations for the phenomenon that occurs when the night sky shimmers with milky white patterns, or displays all the colors…

|March 26, 1999


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Spring has come and George sails with his grandfather to an abandoned fishing outport so the old man can visit his wife’s grave. On their return, they are caught in a fierce storm. They pull their boat onto an ice floe and take shelter under the boat. As…

|September 26, 2006


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Late one afternoon a young Native boy goes exploring over the hills and through the forests beyond his home. At his side, he carries a walking stick and a pouch in which to place interesting objects he finds along the way. But as his pouch fills with treasure and…

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"Throw it out!" Cries Joseph's mother. So Joseph runs to his grandfather with his favourite blanket. Grandpa can fix anything. From the tattered blanket, Grandpa makes a handsome jacket. With a few passes of his needle, a vest becomes a Sabbath tie. And snip!…