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The Governor General’s Shortlisted Novel–Now Available in Paperback! The Night Gardener follows two abandoned Irish siblings who travel to work as servants at a creepy, crumbling English manor house. But the house and its inhabitants are not quite what they seem. Soon,…read more




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This gorgeous picture book is based on the true story of Joshua Bell, the renowned American violinist who famously took his instrument down into the Washington D.C. subway for a free concert. More than a thousand commuters rushed by him, but only seven stopped to listen for more than a minute. In…read more

Nancy Knows

by Cybele Young|

August 5, 2014




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Nancy knows she's forgotten something. Something important. When she tries to remember, she thinks of all kinds of other things instead. She remembers things she knows and things she doesn't quite know. She remembers things one way, then another. Sometimes she remembers with her ears or her…read more

How To

by Julie Morstad|

May 30, 2013




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This imaginative ‘how to' book explores whimsical ways of doing a host of different tasks, including ‘how to wonder', ‘how to see the breeze', and ‘how to be brave'. With text and images by award-winning illustrator Julie Morstad, this book will be beloved by all ages.…read more