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|July 1, 2012

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Big dragons, baby dragons, and a dragon you design yourself Introducing Paper Flying Dragons , fantastic flyers unmatched in the world of paper airplanes. They swoop, they glide, they dive and crash... and then they fly again. That's because these five breeds of…
Hardcover | French

|November 1, 2013


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See below for English description. Douze fantastiques objets volants se détachent de l'univers des avions en papier. Faits de papier cartonné solide, ces dragons sont très bien illustrés et prêts à être pliés puis à s'envoler! Des astuces permettent même…

|March 1, 2014

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Build four balloon-powered vehicles and learn what makes them move Some people say "it's not rocket science" when something is easy to understand. Around here, we think that saying is kind of strange. Rocket science isn't difficult. In fact, it's as easy as…

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Concerns over climate change and energy depletion are increasing exponentially. Mainstream solutions still assume a panacea that will cure our climate ills without requiring any serious modification to our way of life. Plan C explores the risks inherent in trying…

|February 1, 2011

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When the scientists at Klutz Labs tackle outer space, questions like "where's the Big Dipper?" are just the beginning. We also ponder important stuff like "How likely is it that a meteor will fall from the sky and squash me flat?" and "If I lived on Mercury, am…