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See nature up close with Insect Lore!

Insect Lore has been creating, safe, friendly bug catchers, bug viewers and nature related items to the delight and fascination of children and families for over 40 years. With leafy handles, and right-sized containers, every bug item has been designed with both little hands, and insect well-being in mind.

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    Insect Lore Live Ant Hill

    See Ants dig real underground sand tunnels and secret chambers! The Insect Lore Live Ant Hill is the first habitat designed to imitate a real anthill. Its fascinating inside/outside cutaway hill design enables you to watch your colony of ants forage for food, excavate sand and problem solve. This Live Ant Hill is a double-sided viewing habitat with a wide “no tip” base for super stability. It includes special “easy dig” sand and a safe and escape-proof locking lid. The Insect Lore Ant Hill habitat comes with a certificate to redeem 25 harvester ants by mail. Please note that an additional $5.00 Canadian fee is required for shipping and handling of your vial of 25 ants. If you choose to ship 50 harvester ants, a $7.00 Canadian fee is required for shipping and handling.

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