Inspire the Builders of Tomorrow

A smiling child playing with LEGO figurines on the floor.
A parent with their child playing with LEGO interlocking blocks.

The classic LEGO® brick helps expand a child’s creativity from the moment they pick up their first piece. Created to inspire free play, the colourful interlocking blocks can be put together, taken apart, and then put together again in different ways, to develop new ways of looking at the world.

3 Ways to Spark Imagination

Free play is essential for nurturing and fostering your child’s imagination.

  1. Create a Kids’ Zone

    Carve out a special space for kids to experiment freely with toys, play dress-up, and do arts and crafts.

  2. Schedule Free Time

    It’s important to give your child unstructured time to explore personal interests and develop unique passions.

  3. Play Together

    Kids learn from watching. Join them in theirchosen activity and discuss creativity by asking when they come up with their best ideas.

A child playing with LEGO on the floor.