Personalized Recommendations

What are personalized recommendations?

Personalized recommendations are products suggested by Indigo just for you, based on activity such as your purchase history and preferences listed in your account profile. It’s our goal to save you time and help you discover products you’ll use and love.

How can I make sure that I receive personalized recommendations?

All you need to do is make purchases using your membership, and keep your preferences up to date online at The more purchases you make, the better your recommendations will become. Please note that it may take 1- 2 weeks for your recommendations to change based on a particular purchase or account update.

Where can I access my personalized recommendations?

There are 3 places that you can access your personalized recommendations:

  • Online at once you log on to your account centre. Look for the My Recommendations link.
  • At the Kiosk in Chapters or Indigo stores. Simply insert your rewards membership card into the kiosk and you will have access to your personalized recommendations.
  • Periodically, we may also e-mail personalized recommendations directly to you.

How does Indigo know what to recommend to me?

Personalized recommendations are determined based on your activity with Indigo, including:

  • the types of products you purchase from our stores
  • the preferences you’ve indicated in your account profile

The more purchases and activity you have with Indigo/Chapters/Coles as a member, the better your recommendations will become.

Can I save my recommendations?

You can save the products that are recommended for you by clicking on “+ Add to My Wish List” or “+Add to My Shopping List”.

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