Applications for mini marché are now closed for 2021. For further questions, please email

The mini marché program invites Canadian businesses in the kids and baby sector (who are not currently selling at Indigo and Chapters) to submit their application for consideration. Following the review of each application, a select group of candidates will have the opportunity to pitch their product to Indigo’s team of experts.

Those invited to the next round will be notified by Feb. 28, 2021. The pitching process will begin in March, with the final candidates being selected in early spring.

Priority will be given to innovative brands who identify as one or more of the following:

1. Canadian owned and operated.

2. BIPOC owned and operated.

3. Women owned and operated.

4. LGBTQ2+ owned and operated.

5. Sustainability focused (environmentally friendly, chemical-free, locally sourced and ethically made).

6. Philanthropic and purpose driven.


  • What is mini marché?

    mini marché is a curated ‘shop-in-shop’ experience supporting small and local Canadian businesses featured within Indigokids and Indigobaby, available both online and in-store.

  • Why are you launching it now?

    We know that the past year has been incredibly challenging, especially for small businesses. As a leading Canadian retailer, Indigo wants to provide a platform for small businesses to gain additional visibility and have their products featured to customers nationwide. We’re excited to expand our offerings and discover amazing new brands with products we know our customers will love.

  • Why is this only for kids and baby small businesses and not all Canadian small businesses?

    This is a new initiative that we are launching with a specific focus. We will look to roll out more categories across our business in the future.

  • Do businesses need to fit into one of the six criteria mentioned to apply?

    While you are required to be a Canadian business, you do not need to fall into the remaining five categories to apply.

  • How many businesses are you looking to partner with?

    We will be looking to partner with ten brands to launch mini marché. We look forward to working with these brands and will look for opportunities to expand and bring in more products in in the future.

  • Are there any exclusions for the types of products you are looking for or that will be accepted?

    Unfortunately, we won’t be accepting self-published books or perishable items for this initiative.

  • How will applicants be evaluated? What standards do they need to meet to be selected?

    Applicants will be selected by the Indigokids and Indigobaby buying teams, following the same standards and practices as all partners and suppliers to Indigo. All items that are selected must meet Canadian safety standards for that product type. Successful applicants will go through the Indigo New Vendor Onboarding Process which include industry standard requirements for insurance coverages.

  • Will you be doing this again in the future?

    Yes! Brands are welcome to reapply with future applications.

  • How long will these products be available at Indigo, in-stores and online?

    Products selected for mini marché will be available from September to end of December, 2021.

How do I apply?

Applications for mini marché are now closed for 2021. For further questions, please email

When will I know if my application was selected?

Successful applicants who will be invited to participate in the next round will be notified via email on or prior to February 28th, 2021.

What happens if I’m selected?

You will be notified via email, and will then be scheduled into a live video call to meet the buying team and present your business.

Do I need to be a Canadian Owned Business to apply?

Yes, this is an initiative to help spotlight Canadian businesses.

I’m an existing supplier to Indigo but am interested to apply.

Please reach out to your current business partner at Indigo for more information and to discuss if you meet the eligibility requirements to apply.

I made a mistake with my submission and need to re-do it?

If you made a mistake, please simply re-apply and ensure you note to disregard previous application in your corrected submission.

Do I need retail packaging for my product?

Yes, eligible products must have retail ready packaging including a scannable UPC code.

Do I need an EDI solution in order to be eligible?

EDI is a requirement of working with Indigo to ensure we can successfully receive, sell and pay for our merchandise. If you currently do not have EDI capability, we can provide options and solutions if your application is successful.