Say hello to poppin.

Why should our offices be drab and dreary? Poppin’s Product Design Guru, Jeff Miller was inspired to change the way we work by injecting beautiful design and colour into our everyday work life. He created a revolution in office accessories.

The indispensible Tape Dispenser

How did Poppin happen?

Chris Burch (a Founder) saw an opportunity in dull office products. He believed beautiful design and colour could change the way people work.

How did that vision become product?

Poppin had a very enticing design point of view and a visionary opportunity. Our goal was to make 1000 items in 5 years and to design them to be delightful, entertaining and different from what's out there.

When did the colour concept become
as clear as it is?

From the beginning, colour was an obvious
opportunity for Poppin because the whole
category was so drab.

What’s your favourite colour?

Funnily enough, black. I loved that black ruler.
But working at Poppin my esthetic has evolved.
My desk now has green and black accessories.
The nice-for-mice Mouse Pad

What inspires you?

Finding really simple things that are beautiful and I tell people a lot that it’s much harder to make something simple and refined. It’s very easy to make something complicated, its difficult to make something simple and serene when it comes to building plastic to make something flat like a block when in fact there are many plastic ribs underneath that has to translate through that flat surface is a difficult, technical challenge. So, when I see things that come across as simple and serene as if they happened automatically I am very attracted to those things because I know they took a lot more time and thought and effort then things that aren't that simple. That's what I'm trying to do.
The Love at First Sight Stapler

What kind of person wants poppin
on their desk?

We ourselves are the people who we are designing for. We've addressed the fact that our real target is a woman in her late 30s who is a creative, urban, professional mom is kind of our target demographic. That person can trickle down into the kind of decisions that are made at a small office, certainly a home office, certainly can influence her coworkers.

What's next for you?

There are categories we haven't touched yet that we need to and there are categories that we've touched a lot that we can grow and grow forever. If you are buying a note book and a pen why wouldn't you want the same people selling you the furniture or the paperclips that attach to it or the lighting. And as you come and go to your work place why wouldn't you want to carry and wear things from the same company that speaks the same message so that's what next. Growing the categories and growing the opportunities.