Refresh Your Desk

You spend a lot of time at your desk, so make your office décor inspiring. Choose your desk accessories and organizers to make it a fun and inviting space.

Office décor doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you want to make your office a place you feel inspired each-and-every day. You spend a lot of time at your desk, so top it with desk accessories that bring you joy! If your workspace is inviting, you’ll want to spend time there—and you’ll be more likely to be productive and slay whatever tasks are in front of you! If you’re ready to upgrade your office décor, here are some fun ways to get started!

Add in some desk accessories

Some folks love a bare desk—they say it helps them focus only on their to-do list. But many of us have a much more cluttered workspace. Find a balance between the two with beautiful desk organizers, file folders and pen holders that’ll help you keep all your papers and supplies pencils in place. Consider brands like U Brands and Russell + Hazel for their trendy and whimsical designs and add some personality to your desk!

You need paper!

While you might work on a laptop, sometimes, you just need to jot down your ideas in a physical notebook. Whether you prefer a spiral notebook, a classic Moleskine or a bullet journal, keep a few handy so you’re always ready to write down you next great idea. An agenda—whether you use a wall calendar or a notebook—will help keep you on track. And, writing down your tasks, deadlines and appointments will hopefully make you more likely to remember them.

Decorate your walls

Office décor includes your walls, too (not just your desk!). Grab a few art prints—you can get graphics, fun sayings or landscapes—and framethem. If you don’t want to hang pictures, consider leaning your frames against the wall behind your desk. This is not only on-trend, but it also makes it easier to swap out your pictures whenever you feel like changing up your office décor. Photos of your loved ones and of your travels are also great to display.

Stay inspired

Coffee table books belong on your desk! These make great office décor because they’re filled with inspiring photos and information. Choose a few books from the field you work in, or an area you find particularly fascinating, to serve as motivation when you need a bit of encouragement to keep at it. Stack your books to add some visual interest and chooses ones with spines that match the overall aesthetic of your work area.

Add in a scent

Consider investing in a diffuser to fill your workspace with the beautiful fragrance of your favourite essential oil as you work. A diffuser also acts as officer décor because many of these devices are stunning! You can also consider adding some greenery to your desk with a small plant and adorable planter.

Stay hydrated

Whether you prefer coffee, tea or just plain water, fuel up for your work day with your beverage of choice by keep a travel mug (from brands like Stojo or Joco) and a water bottle nearby. A well-designed reusable water bottle—like one by LUND London—doubles as a desk accessory.

Whatever office décor you choose, make sure you find it inspiring!