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Indigo Short Hills Has Now Re-opened!

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café Indigo: now open at Indigo Short Hills featuring La Colombe coffee roasters
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@indigo instagram post: Rise and shine! Wake up to a fresh morning ritual with Oui, our new homeware collection. How do you start your day?
@indigo instagram post: Hello, fall! Here's to cozy sweaters, technicolour foliage, hot mugs of tea, and curling up with new books.
@indigo instagram post: Usher in fall by snuggling up to a #TBR stack of page-to-screen adaptations. Get started with Dune
@indigo instagram post: May your memory be a blessing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, few among us has made such an impact in pushing forward equality  
@indigo instagram post: Rage, the latest from legendary Washington Post reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward, is out today.