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Looking to up your skincare game? Discover our curated selection of top skincare products, from the best facial cleansers to luxe face oils, and more at Indigo. Read on for our top product recommendations to help you find your glow all year long.

Face Wash & Cleansers

Wash the day off with the best facial cleansers from our favourite Canadian BIPOC-owned beauty brands. For a face cleanser suitable for all skin types, try Meet Blume’s Daydreamer Gentle Facial Cleanser, packed with hydrating ingredients that won’t strip the skin of its moisture. Prone to breakouts? Opt for a salicylic acid cleanser, like Three Ships’ plant-based Refresh Papaya and Salicylic Acid face cleanser, for an even and radiant complexion.

Face Masks & Treatments

Sometimes you just need a bit of pampering. Browse our assortment of top face masks & treatments for every skin type and concern. For a classic mask treatment, try Indigenous-owned Wildcraft Beauty’s Detox Face Mask–it’s 100% natural and packed with French green clay to draw out impurities. If you’re short on time, sheet masks are where it’s at. For a hydrating pick-me-up, try Acure’s Biocellulose Gel Sheet Mask–it’s loaded with moisturizing ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and rose oil, which help combat parched skin.

Moisturizers & Oil

Keep your skin barrier healthy and hydrated with our assortment of top moisturizers and face oils from coveted brands. Find the best face moisturizers that protect and nourish, from Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s super rich Essential Face Cream to Three Ships’ Dream Bio-Retinol + Shorea Butter Night Cream. Looking to add a new face oil to your routine? Check out our Detox Market shop, exclusively at Indigo, to discover the best clean and green botanical-infused face oils from Pai Skincare, Odacite, OSEA, Indie Lee, and more.

Skincare Tech & Tools

Get a spa-like treatment without leaving home. Browse our curated collection of top skincare tech items and tools. Pair your favourite face cleanser with the Foreo Luna Play Plus 2–it uses gentle vibrations to massage the skin for a deeper cleanse. Trying to cut down on your beauty waste? Pick up a pack of reusable organic cotton facial rounds by Freon Collection, perfect for removing makeup and applying toners. For tools that sculpt and firm, browse our selection of gua shas, jade rollers, and crystal massage tools from brands like Auria, The Detox Market, Odacite, Mount Lai, Solaris Laboratories, and more.

Skincare Gift Sets

New to the world of masks, face oils, and cleansers? Skincare sets are the way to go. Grab one of our bestselling gift sets to find the products that work best for you, like the Province Apothecary’s Daily Glow Essential Discovery Kit, Three Ships’ Essentials Bundle, and Meet Blume’s Self-Care Bundle.