From urban to suburban and anywhere in between, thank goodness central Canada dwellers can beat the heat and pack up sunny pieces for the beach, visits to the chalet or cottage, and great books that are escapes in their own right.

parliament hill

Parliament Hill

The True North certainly lives up to its reputation as ‘wild and free’ at Canada’s capital every July 1st.

Osheaga Music Festival


Practically all of Quebec (and a lot of Ontario) makes it to Montreal’s be all, end all music and arts festival. Allons-y!

cottage country

Cottage Country

As Ontarians escape to the cottage on the Victoria Day weekend, no trip is complete without a burger and shake from Webers.

The Ex

The Ex

The Canadian National Exhibition is a colourful clash of kicky games, dizzying rides & deep-fried temptations.

patio time


In Montreal, it’s called terrasse. In Toronto? Patio time. Once 5 o’clock hits–it’s all good.