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Enough numerals to count from zero through twenty AND five math signs in a convenient wooden case. 37 colourful magnetic pieces can help children learn their numbers and solve basic math problems.
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This cute pounding bench from Hape teaches kids about colors and counting. Sort the pegs into groups of colors and hammer in all the pegs, then, flip it over and start again.
Peacock Learn to Count
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A lovely peacock for learning numbers! The base turns to randomly stop on a number. The child will then try to find the feather that matches this number on the peacock and remove it. The feathers are double-sided for 3 levels of difficulty: identify the colours /…
Crescendo Learn to Count
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A construction game comprised of 10 blocks that must be put back in ascending order on their base to form a slope. Each block is numbered from 1 to 10 to learn the order of magnitude. Once the slope is completed, the car can descend it to check that there are no…
Learn How to Count
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This educational game helps your child to learn how to count and to become a math whiz while having fun! The game features 12 patterns and 14 graduated bars of different colours and sizes, providing children with 2 ways to play: - Beginners place the sticks in…
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The Sort & Count Cups from PlanToys offer multi-purpose play every day. You can sort each chip by color and place them in the correct dishes or try to toss each chip into its matching cup or even create a game of your own using counting and sorting as an…