Vendor Information

Delivery & Freight Conditions

* All freight is paid BY THE Vendor to the stores for DSD and to the DC for DC and cross-dock orders.
Unless otherwise agreed to under "Other Packaging, Shipping and Receiving Provisions" below, the following is the applicable delivery/shipping process under to this Agreement which must be followed:
  1. Each book must contain only one, accurate Canadian retail price which must coincide with the retail price indicated on the Vendor invoice on which any discount is calculated.
  2. All shipping will be arranged by Vendor for all shipments of product from Vendor to Indigo.
  3. Vendor will ship each order of product for delivery to Indigo to the "ship to" location on the date or within the time frame indicated on the PO.
  4. Indigo will be notified prior to shipment of any advance or partial shipments. Such advance or partial shipments may be invoiced separately and will be paid by Indigo when due.
  5. All shipping is at Vendor's risk and expense with Indigo taking title to the product upon receipt by Indigo.
  6. To ensure Indigo is able to receive Vendor's product in a timely manner with minimal delay or issue, Vendor must follow Indigo's shipping and receiving requirements as set out in "Indigo's Vendor Shipping Guide". It is the responsibility of the Vendor to ensure it has an up-to-date copy of and that it follows the requirements set out in Indigo's Vendor Shipping Guide as such is amended from time to time by Indigo and made available online.