Vendor Information


Unless otherwise stated, all products are fully returnable subject only to the terms set out below.

Debit Notes for returns will be issued to Indigo as a credit against Indigo's account with Vendor, or exchanged for nondefective product, the right product or the right quantity as the case may be. Returns may be issued without time limit. Vendor must accept returns from Indigo that may be considered shelf worn or 'customer damages'. Indigo may return product to Vendor at any time for any of the following reasons:

Reason: Shipping Paid for by: Time Frame
Manufacturing defects/damaged in transit Vendor Immediately
Wrong product/wrong quantity Vendor Immediately
Regular Returns Vendor After 90 days
Customer Damages Vendor Immediately

No re-stocking charges will apply on any product returned by Indigo to the Vendor. Shipping costs associated with returned product will be paid by the party noted above. The only "rejected returns" accepted by Indigo will be "N.O.P" or "late O.P." which must be pre-approved for returns and occur within 90 days of the chargeback date for said returns as per Indigo shipping instructions.

In an effort to keep the right amount of inventory on hand at each store; Indigo has initiated a stock level check based on sales productivity by title at day 45 and on a store by store basis.  This is a change from the previous 75 days.

This is not a wholesale return; it is stock rebalancing on a store by store basis. This does not have any effect on assortment. Any book chosen for the regular assortment will remain in the stores for a year as we have always done. The only exception is if a book doesn't sell one copy after six months and then it is returned.

What this means is that after 45 days we will look at product performance and make decisions about the level of inventory to carry at each store. If a particular store is selling a book efficiently and another is not we will first look to determine whether there is something we should be doing to better merchandise or promote the title to bring performance up.

But, if after 45 days we see that the title is truly underperforming in that store we may choose to thin down stock appropriately. This will happen on a store by store basis and title by title basis.

Our goal is to sell as many books as possible and to always sustain our position as the authority on books with the breadth required to fully support this position.