FAQ for General Merchandise Vendors

How do I establish a commercial relationship with Indigo Books & Music for General Merchandise product?

The initial step to establish a commercial relationship with Indigo is for our Category Managers to assess your merchandise for sale in our retail or online channels (or both).

For General Merchandise new vendor enquiries, please e-mail gmnewvendor@indigo.ca and include the following:

  • Company name and product category in Subject line
  • Brief description of product
  • PDF file attachment or link to your catalogue, line sheets or website
  • Vendor contact information

If your product is of interest to Indigo, a Category Manager will be in contact with you.

Please do not add enquiry e-mail address to your mailing lists.

What are the requirements to transact with Indigo?

Our Category Managers manage the transaction process with Indigo. Once a category manager has indicated an interest in purchasing your product for Indigo, the next steps to transact with us are as follows:

  • Accept Indigo’s Purchase Agreement ( including Certificate of Insurance Requirements)
  • Acknowledge agreement to Indigo’s Vendor Manual.
  • Be EDI compliant (please refer to the FAQ for EDI section for further detail)

The Category Manager who purchases your product oversees this procedure.

How do I register for a UPC number?

  • To register for a UPC number : please go to www.gs1.org

Do you deal with Overseas Vendors?

Yes, opportunities from overseas vendors are assessed in the same manner that we assess vendors from North America.

What are Indigo’s Quality Assurance (QA) Guidelines?

Please refer to Indigo’s Vendor Manual for General Merchandise (Both Direct and Indigo Private Label) for Indigo’s QA Guidelines.

How can I find the latest version of the Indigo’s Shipping Guide?

Indigo’s Shipping Guide has been merged into the Indigo Vendor Manuals.

Does Indigo have a Routing Guide?

No. Please refer to the Indigo’s Vendor Manuals for our Shipping Guidelines.