Get the Look
Five steps to creating your perfect frame wall
  1. Find it
    Choose a space in your home to dedicate to your display. There should be enough distance to gaze upon your creation, and it shouldn’t compete with other fixtures or décor.
  2. Embrace/Discover it
    Decide on a theme and go with it. Do you want a to evoke passion with a mingling of shapes and sizes – or would you rather create a calming gallery atmosphere?
  3. Plan it
    As you place frames on the wall, outline edges with masking/painter’s tape. The focal point should be at eye level or about five feet.
  4. Test it
    Trace frames onto craft paper and place them on the wall, replacing the tape outlines. Use a pencil to mark a dot on your paper where the nail will go. This is the time to look at the collage as a whole and make final adjustments – even tweaking an angle can change the feeling entirely.
  5. Hang it
    Hammer nails into your dots and replace each paper likeness with its frame.