Exclusive Q&A with Stephanie Sterjovski
SS PRINT SHOP is a stationary brand created by the owner and
creative director, Stephanie Sterjovski.

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How was SS Print Shop created?

SS PRINT SHOP was created in the summer of 2012. As a blogger, I would post expressions and quotes in stylistic ways, combining my love for typography and design. I would constantly receive e-mails requesting to purchase my designs, and finally I decided to open a shop. I grew up always loving art, graphic design, stationary and paper goods. I feel so deeply grateful that I get to do exactly what I love every single day, developing new ideas and executing them into physical copies. My loyal following encouraged me to open my own shop and share my designs with the world. Without them I am not even sure if SS PRINT SHOP would exist today. Once the first collection went live, magazines, blogs and television began featuring SS PRINT SHOP and I am still in awe of how much love people have shown us. I feel so blessed that this idea was placed in my heart to pursue.

What inspires your designs for SS Print Shop?

So many things inspire my designs. Cheeky quotes, colourful lines, glamour, feminine palettes, faith, books, love, and people...I could go on forever. Paris is one of the dreamiest places on earth to me, and I am constantly being inspired by the beauty of that city and the chic nature of its people.

What is the philosophy behind SS Print Shop?

Our philosophy is to bring beauty and light in to your home. SS PRINT SHOP creates pieces of art that are accessible to everyone to feel inspired every day. Everyone deserves that.

What are some of the most unique ways you have seen your prints used?

I love seeing how people style and share their SS PRINTS using our social media hashtag #ssprintshop. It really touches me when people have used the prints in their wedding or maternity shoots. The fact that they have chosen one of my designs to be a part of their monumental event, and want to capture it, tells me I’ve struck a chord with a customer and that my work matters to them. I’ve also seen someone make cookies with my “Say Grace” design printed on the icing for a dinner party. That was pretty cool!

What Tips or Tricks do you have for using your designs in a frame wall / gallery?

Create a wall that will inspire you. You have to look at this in your home every day, and it should serve a purpose to motivate you and radiate love. The more personal touches you add, the more unique and beautiful it will look. Mix up the frames, textures, colours etc. and just have fun with it! The great thing about prints is that you can always switch them out and update your wall each season.

All products are designed and printed in Canada, using the most high quality paper, foils and stamping to ensure vibrancy in each of our pieces. SS PRINT SHOP has gained international recognition in the press and designs are now sold in retail stores across Canada, U.S.A and Australia.