Treat yoga, meditation, and self-care as a way of life, and hit your mat daily for a healthier mind-body connection.

Whether you’re hitting the gym or the yoga studio, exercising is an important part of your fitness routine. When strength training, a combination of shoulder exercises, chest exercise, back exercises and ab exercises are all part of a balanced workout routine, with body weight exercises pulsed in. But leg exercises are integral. Because your legs contain some of the largest muscle groups in your body, doing leg exercises makes gaining muscle mass easier in your body. Arm exercises may look good, but when it comes to the gym the biggest gains are at the squat rack.

For the right workout music for the gym we have great headphones to keep the music pumping along with the iron. Fitness trackers can help keep you motivated and working towards your goal. And we have the best water bottles to keep you hydrated while you workout. The right gym bag can help you get all your essentials to the gym or yoga studio with you, and we have the best gym bags for women, and men. If the gym isn’t your thing, building a strong yoga practice may be better for you and your personal fitness goals.

Yoga is full of body weight exercises, and there are different ways of practicing yoga. Hot yoga, bikram yoga, and vinyasa yoga all rely on different types of yoga poses to achieve different benefits and results. If you’re new to yoga, take a yoga for beginners class at a yoga studio near you. All yoga classes incorporate shoulder exercises, chest exercises, back exercises, and ab exercises as most people consider yoga to be a full body workout. For an impactful overall fitness routine, combine workouts at the gym for strength training, and a yoga practice for flexibility and joint health, and stretching out tense muscles. We have great yoga mats for studio and home practices, and the best water bottles to keep you hydrated in your flow.

Healing crystals and aromatherapy can help take your yoga practice to the next level, especially when practicing at home. In fact, meditation is part of yoga, and many local gyms and studios will offer classes in both. You can also practice both at home, with a yoga mat, and meditation pillow sharing your meditation space. Bring healing crystals in to pick up on the positive vibes and properties imbued with in and further get in touch with your guiding chakras. Therapeutic essential oils can help make breaths a little deeper, and the space a little more zen!