Healthy Eating

Fresh ways to meal prep for a healthier you—and a happier planet.

Healthy eating is a huge part of your total health and well being. When you eat healthy food you feel good. But healthy eating can often be hard with our busy schedules. When you meal plan you can be better prepared to stick to your established diet. A healthy eating meal plan can be as simple as packing your lunch, or a full weekly meal planner. Meal planning takes foresight. But with great cookbooks filled with healthy recipes, you can create fun dishes the whole family will love.

Healthy snacks are a good place to start, and are an important part of any meal plan. Healthy snacks are part of a healthy lunch you can pack up, and great for kids when they come home after school. Having healthy snacks on hand also helps cut cravings so you stick to your meal plan or diet. A good day starts with a healthy breakfast, but with our best cookbooks, you’ll find fantastic healthy lunch ideas and healthy dinner ideas too! Or, try our Orange Honey Salmon with Pistachio, Olive, and Herb Relish recipe from The Mindful Glow Cookbook for a healthy dinner idea you can use tonight!

Proper hydration is the other half of your healthy eating meal plan. Having a water bottle handy at all times is the best way to stick to your hydration goals, and get your daily recommended water intake. With a large selection of water bottle brands, we have the best water bottle for you and kids water bottles you can pack with their lunch.

Having a water bottle with you also allows you to soak up all of the benefits of lemon water. Lemon water helps your immune system, and works as a boost to your body’s immune system. Starting your day with hot lemon water in the morning can work as a replacement to coffee or tea, and gives your metabolism a kick start. Starting your day with hot lemon water in the morning is also a great way to warm up if you’re drinking it during the winter, and you can transition back to cool lemon water in the summer when days are hot.

Having a routine you can stick to, and a water bottle you like will keep your hydration goals on track. A glass water bottle is a stylish solution and could be the best water bottle for you. They’re easy to clean, and most can carry both hot and cold beverages.