Restorative reads, floor pillows, and other wellness essentials to help quiet your mind.

Wondering how to meditate? Meditation is a great way to increase mindfulness, health, and wellness. The benefits of meditation are many, and the great thing is there’s no right or wrong way to do it when it comes to how to meditate. Many people find it hard when they start their practice. It can take a little bit to train your mind to be still and silent. We have great meditation books that can help guide you on your journey, meditation cushions if you wish to meditate in the traditional way seated on the floor, and other great meditation supplies like healing crystals useful in meditation.

If you’re just beginning, 5-minute meditation exercises are a great way to start. Traditionally most people meditate by sitting on the floor, here a meditation pillow, or meditation cushion might be useful. Either way it is best to remain in a seated position. Meditating on a chair, bench, or stool is a great way to stick to it, and reap the benefits of meditation. While lying down may seem like a good way to add some extra relaxation to your meditation, it can actually be a counter-productive. You may get so relaxed you’ll fall asleep! For this reason having a designated meditation space is a good idea. If you stick with it, you might even end up with a whole meditation room!

Meditation is all about mindfulness, and works as a mindfulness exercise to improve that aspect of your life. Allowing thoughts to flow freely in and out while controlling breath, breathing, and a consciousness of all sensory inputs is what meditation is all about. Accepting you may get distracted is part of the process in learning how to meditate. If you can, and move on from there, you will unlock your practice, and gradually lengthen the time you meditate, try out new meditation techniques, and incorporate new rituals into your practice, while extending mindfulness to other parts of your life, like mindful eating, and mindful movement.

Crystals are another way your meditation practice might grow. Through their healing properties and connection to our chakras. The 7 chakras govern our interactions with our world and ourselves. The heart chakra, root chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra rule a lot of how we see, experience, and feel. Our healing crystals with stones like tiger’s eye, amethyst, selenite, and rose quartz are a great way to bring positive thoughts and positive vibes into your day. And once you do, you can try bringing it all together with positive affirmations during your meditation practice, and crystals in your meditation space – for their healing properties and as décor.