Wilde House Paper - Imprime' - The Dreamer (20,5 CM X 25,5 CM)

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Wilde House Paper - Imprime' - The Dreamer (20,5 CM X 25,5 CM)
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Impression d'art de haute qualité parfaite pour votre mur d'art ou pour offrir en cadeau attentionné. Imprimé sur du papier de luxe 100% recyclé en plage. Oeuvre originale. “True to her soul, she is in touch with this world in ways beyond. She allows herself the freedom to find who she is by exploring life and the people living within it. Inspiration breathes in and out of her like air. She embraces the magic of life and it’s contagious. Limitations scare her, so she lives without them. An individualist to her core, she fears being trapped, feeling empty in conformity. Her desire to create lightens the room. She is the sun and the moon, all at once – her community orbits around her good vibrations. She stands up to fear knowing that her visions are much too big for that. She has perfectionist tendencies, but balances them with her deep desire to feel and experience. Her dreams are like clouds, floating through the sky with the chance that they will rain down and nourish the ground beneath. She is a gift to the world, living fully in the present – a true visionary. Aimlessly she wanders, but surrounded by good friends and family, she always finds her way back down to earth. She creates culture. She lives for deep conversations that inspire. Energized by reflection and mediation, she carves out sacred space in her routine to let life flow. She is naturally intuitive to technology and is ambitious about what the world could be if everyone lived to their fullest potential. She is a woman who believes that dreams do come true, all one has to do is believe in them. She is her own kind of perfect.”
Nom de l'article :Wilde House Paper - Imprime' - The Dreamer (20,5 CM X 25,5 CM)
Dimensions de l'article :0.1 po de hauteur sur 8 po de largeur sur 10 po de longueur
Dimensions à l'expédition :0.2 po de hauteur sur 8.25 po de largeur sur 10.13 po de longueur
Poids d’expédition :0.016 lb
CUP :850012095026
Convient aux âges :Tous les âges

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