Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers

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Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers
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Little ones love to learn and bathe - so why not extend teaching to the tub for double the fun? This set of 36 floating letters and numbers comes in six fun colors, clings to bathroom walls when wet, and provides endless opportunity for bathtime learning. You can help your child identify the alphabet, learn to count, spell simple words or group by color. An added bonus? The foam is soft, durable and non-toxic. So splish-splash, when they’re taking a bath... throw in a little education, too.

Alphabet bath toys include 26 floating letters (A-Z) and 10 floating numbers (0-9)

Educational letters and numbers stick to tub walls when wet

Made of soft, durable, non-toxic foam

Play Patterns: Hand + Eye Coordination; Language + Learning

3+ years

Nom de l'article :Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers
Dimensions de l'article :10 po de hauteur sur 8 po de largeur sur 2.5 po de longueur
Dimensions à l'expédition :10 po de hauteur sur 8 po de largeur sur 2.5 po de longueur
Poids d’expédition :0.68 lb
CUP :735282110207
Convient aux âges :3 - 6

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