Snoo Sleep Sack Midnight Planets Large

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Snoo Sleep Sack Midnight Planets Large
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The 5-Second Swaddle! This award-winning swaddle was created by Dr. Harvey Karp, the doctor whose 5 S’s started the Swaddle Revolution. Dr. Karp is one of America’s most celebrated pediatricians and he designed every detail of SNOO Sack with baby safety—and parent sanity—in mind. SNOO Sack is an ultra-soft and breathable swaddle that helps babies be happier and sleep longer! • It’s made with 100% Organic Cotton and has special wings that attach to SNOO to keep babies safer and secure…all naps/all nights • Double-zipper—opens from top or bottom—for easy midnight diaper changes • The unique inner arm wrap + leg flap keeps even little Houdini’s bundled all night • Our special Velcro is extra-quiet, so even light sleepers don’t get startled awake • Two panels of breathable mesh—at the legs and shoulders—reduce risky overheating • Arm openings can unsnap to allow for arms out • SNOO Sack’s shape is perfect for healthy hip position and development Colors: Graphite Stars, Ivory, Graphite Planets, Midnight Planets, Ivory Planets, Ivory Planets with Black Wings, Teal Planets, Rose Planets We’ve worked hard to think of it all!

Nom de l'article :Snoo Sleep Sack Midnight Planets Large
Dimensions de l'article :1,5 po de hauteur sur 8,5 po de largeur sur 10 po de longueur
Dimensions à l'expédition :15 po de hauteur sur 20 po de largeur sur 22 po de longueur
Poids d’expédition :0,5 lb
CUP :817720022928
Convient aux âges :Bébé - 1

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