Little Live Pets Wraptiles Lizzagon

Âges : 3 - 13
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Little Live Pets Wraptiles Lizzagon
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Wraptiles are the wildest “Fierce Best Friend” you’ll ever connect with! Snap their Slap band tail around your wrist, and they’re ready to attack! With a moving mouth and light-up eyes; they come alive! Watch as their eyes light up and change color with their mood! Your Wraptile will make different sounds to tell you what mood he is in. Wraptiles have over 25 sounds and reactions! These wild creatures react to your movement. Shake them, and they get dizzy. Shake them too much, and they get angry! Hang them upside-down from your wrist, and they will relax by going to sleep! Record a message with your Wraptile, and he will repeat it back in his snarly Wraptile voice! Meet Lizzagon! When he gets his lizard claws into something, he doesn’t let go. Lizzagon is very loyal to his owner and will protect them to the end. Hang out with Wraptiles - they have your back!

Nom de l'article :Little Live Pets Wraptiles Lizzagon
Dimensions de l'article :7.75 po de hauteur sur 4.5 po de largeur sur 3.5 po de longueur
Dimensions à l'expédition :7.88 po de hauteur sur 4.73 po de largeur sur 3.75 po de longueur
Poids d’expédition :0.45 lb
CUP :630996289914
Convient aux âges :3 - 13

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